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Why you should use Electric Smoker

Electric smoker is a machine used to cook food for example meat or fish by grilling or smoking. It uses electricity. Smoking is one of the oldest methods used to cook and preserve foods for example meat, fish. Traditionally it was done by use of smoke from wood and charcoal In the modern world the same method of cooking can be done by use of electric smoker which uses electricity. There are several electric smokers but always choose the best. One has to do comparison of the various types of the electric smokers available putting into consideration the needs one has in the kitchen.

It is simple to use: smoking is one of the commonest methods of cooking. This method traditionally required experienced persons to smoke the meat to avoid overcooking or under cooking. Nowadays for on to use electric smokers they do not need to be experienced. You only need to select the required preset for a particular food and get the outcome one needs.

It is flexible: some modern electric smokers have settings which one can use to programme. This is advantageous because one can cook different kinds of meats. One can regulate the temperature required whether low or high depending on the type of food been cooked. For instance to smoke beef one needs high temperature for a long time. On the other hand smoking fish one needs low temperature and longer times. The temperature in electric smokers can be lowered up to 600 Celsius and can be raised up to some hundreds degrees Celsius. Due to this one does not need to keep too much attention as long as one knows how long the food will take to cook.

Can be used appropriately at home or commercially: this device has the ability to cook any quantity of meat. It is helpful when a person has a party. Commercially one can comfortably serve a large number of customers with quality smoked/grilled meat.

Easily portable: one can conveniently use an electric smoker anywhere. It can be transported to convenient place for the user. In fuel consumption they are versatile in that one has an option to select the required fuel to use.

It is healthy friendly: smoking is a better option to other methods of cooking such as frying. Excess use of oil in the frying method can lead to lifestyle diseases for example cardiovascular diseases. Smoking does not require any use of oil hence reduces the risk of one getting lifestyle diseases. Besides the smoking process itself add some taste to the meat.

It is modern: the use of electric smoker in the kitchen brings a modern picture of modern lifestyle. Besides it uses electricity unlike the use charcoal and wood in the traditional smoking. The modern electric smoker usually has a small ventilation system in combustion chamber ensures that it allows smoke to get out of the smoker. Wood or charcoal smoker does not have the ventilation system hence the smoked meat will smell smoke.

In summary the use of electric smokers is more beneficial than traditional smoking because unlike firewood and charcoal there is no ashes left when the electric smoker is used. These devices are found in different sizes.

1.Masterbuilt Electric Smoker

Top Controller Electric Smoker

For the first time you can now find a patented Electric Smoker that can be remote controlled for your convenience. The remote control works with a radio frequency that can turn the smoker off and on, control the time setting, temperature and internal light. Meat temperature, cooking temperature and cooking time can now be monitored remotely from a distance of 100-feet away on your remote. With its built-in handles and wheels it is very easy and convenient to move the smoker around. The stainless steel front door comes with an extra-large window and internal light that allows you to watch your food smoke slowly from the comfort of your armchair. You no longer need to guess if your food is ready as the integrated meat probing thermostat and thermometer controls the temperature. This allows you to slow smoke your food at a comfortable temperature of between 100 and 275 Fahrenheit. Do you need to cook for a large crowd? No problem, as the four cooking racks in the Electric Smoker is large enough to accommodate a larger amount of food. It also includes a removable drip pan with a side wood chip loader that makes cooking for large crowds a total breeze.

You will have 975 sq. inches of space to cook with four chrome-coated racks that packs a 1200 watt heating element. The convenient removable drip pan includes a top air damper and side loading wood chips. You don’t even have to open the door to check on your food as the extra-large window in the stainless steel door allows you to keep an eye on your slow smoking food. With the all new Electric Smoker not even a sudden cloud break can ruin your slow smoking session. As you can conveniently move your smoker to take cover, all made possible by its built-in wheels and handles.


2.Masterbuilt Electric Digital Smoker

Master built 20070910 30 inch electric digital smoker , top controller comes at a price of $177 a drop from $299.95 therefore saving a whole 41%. You are also given free shipping within the United has a 730 square feet space for cooking together with a 4 chrome-coated also comes with a 800 watt heating element.

This electric digital smoker comes along with a digital timer and temperature controller has a thermostat temperature controls that can cook even from 100-275 degrees F. Their very slow cooking tends to attract family or even friends during good times. The delightfully aroma that escapes from the smoker has a special way of making family and friends surround the digital smoker in high spirits of
the good
food cooking. Black Electric Digital Smoker

The smoker has powder coated outer construction push button for digital temperature and for time control..You can even change your food flavors involving minimal heat loss in this smoker due to the dual door design for water and wood chips. This smoker comes with a 90 days warrant from the date of original purchase. The warrant covers defects and workmanship under proper assembly. This digital smoker can let you add Juice,favorite beverage and even vinegar to these removable water pan hence infusing moisture and adding another layer of flavor to the food you are cooking. The adjustable air damper can be used to decrease smoke levels for milder flavors.

There is a removable drip tray that is lined at the bottom of the smoker that catches the drippings hence adding the right touch to any gravy. The tray also makes the cleanup of the digital smoker so much more easier. The smoker has quite a spacious inside that has four smoking racks that will offer 730 inches of
cooking surface. This is particularly important for example when you have large crowds to feed such as on occasions or family reunions.


3. Bradley 4-Rack Smoker

The Bradley 4 Rack Digital Smoker is an upgraded version of their original smoker but with more great features. They have the newest digital Technology built right in and are simple and easy to use and can be operated wherever you go. If your looking for a Smoker with great capabilities then this is the right one for you. There is no fuss or muss with this one it does it all for you. This Smoker is completely controllable and digitally enhanced.

The model comes fully insulated with an internal Thermostat. There are no heating element fluctuation issues pertaining to the unit so it can be used on hot or cold days while it holds it’s existing set temperature. The Smoker is designed with an all stainless steel interior which also aids in heat retention and is easy to wipe down. The temperature gauge tops out at 280 degrees for all your cooking needs. Some of the foods that people smoke in this oven are: Turkey, Pork, Ribs or Barbeuce, Chicken and Chicken Wings, Briskets, etc. If your big on flavor this Smoker produces the ultimate in flavor combinations and is more healthier for you overall. It also has the 4 rack system installed for support and easy removal which allows for different items.4-Rack Smoker

With the new digital design controlling your Smoker can be easy. Whether your a professional cook or just a backyard chef, this unit is great for smoking foods that have ultimate flavor with less effort and time on your part. You can Smoke, Roast or Barbecue your most favorite dishes and not have to worry. Set and Go. It can smoke up to a total of 8 hours if needed.Included in this new design are separate burners an and oven for all of your latest needs. The Smoker is very portable and only weighs 43 lbs. If your looking forward to Smoking your Thanksgiving Turkey this year, This One is the best.


4.Black Electric Digital Smoker, Front Controller

Tired of metal smokers where all the heat is released through the material? Want to be able to keep a consistent heat at whatever temperature you desire for smoking? Look no further than the Masterbuilt Digital Smoker with full foam insulation to ensure the heat stays in and the temperature remains the same. Plus you will not have to worry about burning charcoal and dealing with all the ash created, because it is electric! You can adjust the heat from as low as 100 degrees to as high as 275 degrees, and be able to read the temperature on the LED display in direct sunlight, so no more worrying about that glare against those glass gauges!Electric Digital Smoker

It contains a total of 730 square feet of cooking space using an 800-watt heating element. Instead of the common two rack systems in your typical metal smoker you have four chrome racks with plenty of adequate space to be able to smoke your ribs, boston butts, and chicken at the same time. No need to worry about a messy drip pan spilling over creating a mess with this Masterbuilt. This product contains a newly designed front access drip pan for easy removal and clean up. Instead of just leaving those wood chips scattered in a pan at the bottom you will be able to better position them better in this chip loading system with a side top air damper. This 30-inch Masterbuilt is easy to take to your tailgates and barbecues with its side handle. Also, you can even purchase a cover which will keep your Masterbuilt Insulated Smoker looking brand new at all times! So the next time you are thinking about getting a metal smoker where the heat will eventually eat through the material consider this foam insulated 30-inch Electric Digital smoker for an easier and more efficient way to impress your friends with your more consistently smoked meats!


5. Old Smokey Electric Smoker

Are you completely tired of the hassle caused by lighting up a charcoal smokers? To top it up, you have to check its fuel supply every now and then. As if this is not tiring enough; you are always left with messy ash that needs cleaning up.

Thanks to the Old Smokey Electric Smoker, your hassle days are over. Smoking meat has never been easier. all you need to do is set your Old Smokey Electric Smoker and forget about it.

What is the Old Smokey Electric Smoker?old Electric Smoker

The Old Smokey Electric Smoker is one of the best food smokers in the market. It
is coupled with a drip pan, a top and lower grill, chip tray plus a heating element. The simple design of this products is what separates it from the rest of the pack. As they saying goes, simplicity is beauty!

Key Features of the Old Smokey Electric Smoker
1. The size of the smoker is said to be approximately 15.5’M,’ x 15.5″d x 29″h.
2.The smoker features a heat thermostat controller.This is a tool that works in achieving different styles of cooking.
3. The smoker also features a chip tray beneficial for putting wood chips required for that perfect smoke flavour.
4. It also features a 120 volts heating element.

Why You Need to Choose Old Smokey Over the Rest of the Pack

To begin with, the Old Smokey Electric Smoker features a sealed lead which ensures that your meats juices are trapped thus resulting to a mouthwatering, tasty meal. When compared to other electric smokers in the market, the Old Smokey is said to be very affordable. If you are looking for an efficient and a pocket friendly smoker; Old Smokey should be top on your purchase list. The Old Smokey is also very easy to assemble and easy to use. If you are big on saving space, this is the smoker you should go for.

The Bottom Line

The Old Electric Smokey is a food smoker that meets all your required cooking needs. With an affordable price plus consistent cooking temperatures: this is one cooking smoker that is a must have.


How to choose a Electric Smoker

The desire to purchase the best electric smoker can sometimes be met with lots of pitfalls most especially for those who are not endowed with adequate tips to employ while buying them. However, it is important to note that a smoker is known to be among the best products that can do for you everything including automation.When you buy the best electric smoker, you will be able to select time and temperature among other things. Based on this brief backdrop, this article outlines some of the most outstanding guidelines to put in place while buying an electric smoker.
The usage of the electric smoker

It is prudent to consider your reason for buying the electric smoker. For instance, do you intend to use the device for a smaller family or larger business events? In cases where you intend to throw numerous parties, it is prudent to consider buying larger smokers. Nevertheless, alongside the uses, it is equally important to buy an electric smoker that you are highly experienced in using since electric gadgets are always complicated and can cause danger if carelessly used.

The meats to smoke

This also forms an important part of your considerations to put in place in your quest to buy the best electric smoker. As it works, meats and other items that are smoked normally require a recommended range of temperature. This normally ranges between one hundred and forty five degrees Fahrenheit and one hundred and sixty five degrees Fahrenheit in the inner side of the smoker. Also, the type of meats to smoke will determine the width and height of the smoker to buy.

The frequency of using your electric smoker

If you are contemplating to use your electric smoker frequently, it is advisable to spend your cash on the ones that are durable enough. Such smokers should also offer easy cleaning options. Consequently, this will make you spend less on both repair and operational costs, besides lasting for long. On the other hand, if you do not plan to use your electric smoker regularly, experts advise that you just go for the lightweight ones. This is without forgetting the storage option for your smoker. If you intend to store it outside, consider the material.

Safety measures

If you intend to purchase the best electric smoker, ask self about the safety of your children. This implies that you need to buy a smoker with safety features such as insulated or cooling handles. Does the smoker have any features that can prevent water from getting to other electrical components? Looking into the safety of your loved ones is very paramount, thus the essence of buying a secure electric smoker.


Whereas buying the best electric smoker may tend to be hard, carrying out enough research on what best suits your desires is very imperative. This implies that you should not just rush and buy from any dealer. Look into a number of attributes from your dealer of choice. Such dealers should be chosen based on the following attributes.
Should demonstrate the ability to charge affordable costs.
Should be able to offer warranty in their products.
Must offer after sale services.
Must be registered.
Must be known to be reliable enough.

How to use Electric Smoker

For many people, the salivating scent of smoked meat triggers memories of happier events such as family gatherings, barbecues and celebration of life events. It is true that man people enjoy smoked meat. With an electric smoker, they can try out different wood chips, meats and seasonings to bring out outstanding styles of smoked meat.lf you are new to an electric smoker, then don’t worry.ln this article, we are going to walk you through the different steps you need to follow when using electric smokers. Decide on what type of electric smoker suits you.

First of all as a new buyer, you should carefully select what type of electric smoker you need. Vertical water and electrical cabinet smokers are the most commonly used electric smokers. It is very important that you consider the weather patterns in your area before deciding on which type of smoker to buy. For instance, Vertical water electric smokers can only work well during warm weatherEnsure you go through manufacturer’s instructions.

It is very important to read the manufacturer’s instructions to enable you to understand how your new electric smokers work. It is also important to know of the safety warnings that accompany the instructions when using the electric smoker to avoid unnecessary accidents.

Season or cure the electric smoker

This is very important for a new electric smoker. It is advisable that you subject your smoker through a seasoning process before putting any meat into it. The seasoning involves coating the interior using cooking oil and then running the smoker for a short period to get rid of dust and other unwanted materials.

Prepare your meat.

After ensuring that the electric smoker is ready, you should prepare your meat by flavoring it. You should do this according to your personal preferences. Season the meat using dry rubs such as sugar or salt and then let the meat stay overnight to absorb the flavor to achieve the desired results, ensure you purchase wood chips. The suitable wood chips include, cedar, hickory and plum. Every three to five hours of smoking using electric smoker requires 4 cups of wood chips.

Working with the electric smoker in the smoking process.

You should carefully monitor the temperature levels in the electric smoker during the smoking process. In most electric smokers, the suitable temperatures should range from 180 F to 200 F. use the controls on the device to adjust the temperatures in the required ranges. For a perfectly smoked meat, ensure you give it a time of at least five hours for the process.

Ensure you invest in a high-quality thermometer to check whether the smoked meat is ready for consumption. The thermometer is used to check the internal temperature of the meat. Just slice the meat and then put the thermometer between the sliced parts or directly inserting the thermometer into the meat. The thermometer is even more useful in the electric smoker since it is quicker than wood and charcoal smokers. If you do not check the meat temperature in electric smokers frequently, you may end up with an overdone meat.
Serve the meat

After you ensure the meat is readyServe it while still hot and tender, enjoy while relaxing.