A Review Of Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker

If ‘R2D2’ from ‘Star Wars’ decided to cook at a barbeque party, then perhaps, a Weber Charcoal Smoker is what you would get. In the cooking world, smoking, that is, cooking the meat at low temperatures over long hours, is often considered the real deal. The Charcoal Smoker/Cooker by Weber of its Smokey Mountain Series has all the makings of an apt charcoal cooker. It is designed as a familyfriendly home grill for camping trips or barbeque parties where fresh tender meat is must! The Smokey Mountain Cooker Series offers charcoal cookers with diameters of 14″ , 18″ and 22″ (inches). The 18″ model has an actual diameter of 18.5″ for its cooking region while the width reaches 19″. It is 21″ long and with a height of 41″ it reaches near the waist of an average adult. It weighs about 47 pounds. I personally love ‘black’, and so I am in love with its dark design! On its outside, there is a fuel door, a thermometer, and several aluminium dampers. It also flaunts a nylon lid handle at the center of the lid. It costs around 299349$.

18-Inch Charcoal SmokerThe Weber charcoal smoker boasts of 2 independent cooking areas, each with a diameter of 18.5″. Each of these cooking regions is large enough to accomodate a whole turkey. 2 separate cooking platforms means that we can cook ribs on one platform while smoking pork on the other. Its outer body uses heavy porcelainenameled steel which is colored black. The lid and the upper bowl of the cooker is made using premiumgrade US steel, complete with porcelain enamel coating on the inside as well as the outside. Weber claims that the coating is baked at approximately 1500 degrees Fahrenheit, as a result of which, it is totally assimilated into the steel, thus preventing rust and burnout for years. Each of its cooking areas is provided ith a platedsteel cooking grate. A water pan is also provided which is vital for the smoking process. In order to smoke meat, it is necessary to maintain constant temperatures for long periods. The Weber charcoal cooker with its topoftheline construction ensures the maintenance of a consistent internal temperature.


The Weber charcoal cooker offers a number of cool advantages. The design of the cooker is perfect for smoking meat. At its lowest level, there is enough space for burning fuel, that is, charcoal and wood blocks or chips. Above that rests a porcelain enameled water pan with a capacity of one gallon, which keeps adding steam to the smoking process. This serves the purpose of keeping the meat fresh and tender. Above the water pan, the first cooking grate is held and above that, the second one is held. Thus, efficient design allows the steam from the water pan and the heat and smoke from the fuel section to be distributed uniformly over both the cooking areas. The 18.5″ diamater of the cooking areas allows for ample space, and the cooking grates can easily carry something such as a rack of ribs or something as large as a whole bird! The fuel door on the side is rustresistant and built with aluminium It allows the user to safely and easily add charcoal or wood to the fuel section. The lid of the smoker features a durable inbuilt thermometer which accurately monitors the internal temperature for us. Top barbeque chefs have always stressed the importance of controlling the temperature of the grill for smoking the meat. This thermometer is thus an extremely important and useful tool in cooking and smoking meat. The unit has independent rustresistant aluminium dampers on the lid as well as at the bottom. The heat and the temperature inside the cooking area can be controlled and supervised by opening or closing these dampers. Dampers help in venting out or keeping in the heat and the smoke. Having complete control over the internal heat and temperature is crucial for smoking meat, and Weber’s cooker offes this control to its users. The nylon handle on the lid is glassreinforced, weather resistant, as well as heat resistant. It is designed for safe and easy removal. The porcelain enamel coating is effective at suffering temperature variations and extremely hot environment within the smoker. The cooker/smoker comes with a Weber’s limited 10 years warranty. Weber also provides a heavy duty black vinyl cover. Great quality at considerably lower price.


This cooker does not have many disadvantages to offer! It is not very portable. However, its portability is a relative issue. Some may find it easy to carry it around while others may not. Weber provides other portable solutions for this if you find the Smokey Mountain Cooker to be heavy. There have been complaints about inaccurate readings by the thermometer. However, there is no way to judge for sure and besides, the temperature is a very sensitive parameter and it is affected by many other factors such as the external temperature, and also by the number of times the users opened the fuel doors or the dampers. The Weber charcoal smoker is a wonderful smoker if you want to play host to a barbeque party or if you want to compete in the cookoff contests or if you simply wish to hone your skills at smoking meat. Whether you are novice or an expert, this unit will deliver deliciously cooked tender meat. It is built for quality and reliability, and to provide amazing cooking performance. You can choose this model even if you wish to explore the art of smoking meat. It provides the best bang for the buck. If you take good care of it, then it will last for years because of its durable build. So have a happy and safe barbeque party! Make sure you put on those barbeque gloves.