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People love eating grilled and the barbequed foods. To prepare tasty grilled foods, one can go with the wood burning smoker, gas smoker or charcoal smoker. The wood burning smokers are difficult to use because it needs a continuous monitoring to keep the temperature steady. The gas smokers are easy to use compared to the wood smokers but it does not give a good flavor to your food. Compared to the wood burning smokers and the gas smokers, one can prefer cooking their food by using Charcoal smoker. A mixture of charcoal and wood is used as a fuel in a Charcoal Smoker. Charcoal has a good burning capacity than the wood. Both the beginners and the experts can use the Charcoal smoker in an efficient way as it is easy to use.

Charcoal Smoker

If you prefer cooking your food using charcoal smoker then pick the one which controls the air flow in a best manner. Always use a tightly closed cooking chamber so that the meat can be grilled evenly throughout. To use a charcoal smoker, one should have an ability to control the temperature and the smoke. The lower temperature for smoking is 225 – 250 degree Fahrenheit.

Now let us follow the steps for setting a Charcoal Smoker

Step 1: Select the type of wood to be used
As I have mentioned earlier, charcoal and wood is as a fuel in a charcoal smoker. So before setting up your smoker, select a flavored wood to make your food so delicious. Mesquite, Hickory, Oak, Cherry, Apple, Maple and Alder are the different types of flavored woods available Choose any one of your flavored woods based on the type of the meat which you are using.

Step 2: Decide the Smoking method
The charcoal smoker allows dry as well as wet smoking methods. If you need water for your smoking, then you can add water in a water pan and place it inside the smoker. The water poured in the water pan is used to control the temperature inside the smoker while heating the meat. For small pieces of meat you can avoid water. Decide your smoking method based on the meat which you prefer to cook

Step 3: Set up the charcoal pan
Take the charcoal pan from the charcoal smoker and fill the pan with few charcoal pieces. In addition to the charcoal pieces, add few piece of your flavored wood. Wrap the wet pieces of your flavored wood in aluminium or a tin foil and place it on the charcoal.

Step 4: Burn the Charcoal
Light the charcoal and allow all the charcoal pieces to burn. Add few more charcoal briquettes if needed Step 5: Place the Charcoal Pan into the Smoker Once all the charcoal pieces catch fire, slowly place the pan into the charcoal smoker without disturbing the flames. Don’t put on the fire.

Step 5: Set up the Water Pan
As I have mentioned earlier, if you have decided to use water then fill 3/4 of the water pan with water and place them in the smoker.

Step 6: Place the meat on the Grate
If you are going to smoke your meat then place the meat on the lower grill grate. Some smokers will have two grill grates. Always place the meat at the lower grate because the lower grate gets higher heat than the top one.

Step 7: Close the lid
After placing the meat, close the lid and open the vents. Two ventilators will be there in the smoker. One vent is for smoke and another one is to allow oxygen for burning. Regulate both the vents based on the fire.

Step 8: Seldom check the meat frequently
After some minutes, check whether the meat is cooked. Don’t open the lid frequently to check the meat, as more heat and smoke will move out.

Since the smoker is using an external source such as charcoal and wood as fuel it will definitely take a longer time to smoke your meat. Be patient till your food gets cooked. Once your meat is smoked well, open the lid and transfer the meat to a plate. Enjoy your Yummy Grilled Meat prepared using Charcoal Smoker!!!

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Follow These Tips To Organize A Kitchen Sun, 26 Jun 2016 08:58:56 +0000

Why would a person spend so much of their free time organizing their kitchen? Well, it is for the same reason you would take time organizing something else. Let’s be practical. Suppose every week you misplace your house keys once. You spend several hours looking for the same keys and in many cases, you get frustrated and waste a lot of time. This is the same principle that should apply to your kitchen. You will not want to waste time checking the drawers and cabinets searching for your recipes, cooking pots and other things. Here are some tips on how to organize a kitchen.
kitchen before organizing

Hanging items

Inside any kitchen, you need to have a place to hang things. You can hang items such as aprons, dish towels and pot holders so that each item has a particular corner where they are hanged. These hangers should be mounted few feet from the stove.

Arrange each item by use

This is the most common concept every homeowner should employ. Make sure you arrange the kitchenware in one place, depending on how frequent you use them. The everyday wares and cooking items should be placed in an easy to reach place such as a cabinet.

In line with this, you can arrange the kitchen by grouping similar objects. These includes grouping by purpose. Here, have specific cabinets to group similar items.

Have a coking zone

If you want to organize your kitchen, it should start by designating a cooking zone. Have in place a zone around the cooking stoves. The zone should only be used to store the cooking pots and pans so that they are closer to you.

Remove everything not needed

Sometimes, you enter someone’s kitchen and from the look of things, they have not used certain items for ages. If you are a victim here, you must toss anything that is not in use. The unused cookers must be stored in a garage, or simply, give away items you are not using to friends and relatives.


One way of organizing the kitchen is to replace everything that has failed. These include handle drawers. Replace the broken parts and save yourself money and injuries.

kitchen after organizeing
Clear the countertops

When working, the counters play a big role. One must pay particular attention to reducing the objects stored on the counter. Clean the counter frequently as this is the workspace. You have to get another space to keep anything else that is not needed on the counter.

Organize the cabinets

If possible, install cabinets to store your items. You must organize the cabinets by grouping them. Decide which items go to a certain cabinet and stick with the Plam Have a cabinet for your pans, glassware and cooking spices.

Use clean containers

There plastic containers that have the covers. You have the option of buying and using then to store items. Make use of the lids and cover the items when placed inside.

Do cleaning

One way of organizing the kitchen is to do proper cleaning oftem The kitchen must be maintained. Scrub the dirt and wipe it cleam When you do this, everything looks cleaner. Organizing the kitchen and cleaning it will save you money, reduce stress and make your kitchen a healthy place to prepare meals.

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You Can Smoke A Turkey Yourself After Reading The Article Thu, 23 Jun 2016 07:43:32 +0000

Smoking a turkey is not rocket science. Perhaps most of us are used to smoke pork, beef and fish, but turkey? Yes you can smoke a turkey right at your own backyard. In fact, once you discover how easy it is and you take your first bite of that smoked bird, you’ll want to make it a tradition every holiday season! Follow these simple steps and in a few minutes you can be ready to smoke that delicious, mouth-watering turkey you have been dreaming about.

smoked turkey


1. Choose a fresh turkey rather than those frozen ones, if your turkey is frozen, let it thaw. The safest way is to let it thaw in the refrigerator, which can take up to several days for a 12-14 pound turkey. To speed up the process, you can submerge it in cold tap water; you can thaw your turkey this way in eight hours or less. However, we recommend wrapping it securely to keep any water from leaking through the wrapping. Also change the water every 30 minutes or so. Next, you’ll remove the wrappings and take out the giblet bags. Cut off any loose skin or meat around the edges. Then rinse the turkey thoroughly.

2. First of all, you’ll want to choose a turkey that’s about 12-14 pounds. We don’t recommend going over this size, because it’s just asking for trouble. When it’s too large, it’s much harder to smoke and it stays in the danger zone longer than we recommend. So make it easy on yourself and stay under 14 pounds.

3. Make sure to clean the turkey inside and out. Remove all the inner parts, neck, and giblet. See to it that there are no feathers left on the skim Scrub it with rock salt to remove other dirt and fats then rinse with cold running water.

4. Using a sauce pan, put water about one quart then add equal parts of salt and honey. Bring to medium heat and stir until the salt has totally dissolved. Put the mixture to a deep container, preferably big pots, and add cold water about six quarts. Also add thyme, vegetable stock, and whole peppercorns then stir. Add the cleaned turkey into the pot. Make sure it is completely submerged.

5. Place the pot inside your refrigerator and let the turkey brine for about 10 – 15 hours.

6. After 15 hours, remove the turkey from the brine and pat dry. If you want a crispier skin, then let it dry inside the refrigerator overnight.


1. Brush it with oil and let it stand until it reaches room temperature.

2. If you want, you can stuff it with vegetable or anything that you want but do not over stuff it.

3. Make sure to use quality charcoal. You will need about ten pounds to smoke a turkey.

4. Place the turkey inside the smoker breast side first then turn after an hour.

5. Maintain 300 degrees heat and refrain from opening the cover of your griller/smoker.

6. Since we are smoking a small one, cooking will be a lot faster. When the skin turns golden brown, most likely it is already done. You can also use a thermometer (probe) to monitor the turkey’s temperature.

This is the simplest way to smoke a turkey. Now, you and your family can enjoy your very own home made smoked turkey. You can eat it with vegetables, bread, or rice or you can make your own deli smoked turkey sandwich. Healthy and delicious!

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The Way To Grill Fish Mon, 20 Jun 2016 07:19:12 +0000

Fish makes a healthy meal, and grills up quite easily. Seafood does present some grilling challenges, however. These tips should help you on your way to grilling great seafood.

grill fish

1) Make sure your grill is clean and oiled. Fish sticks to the grill very easily, so proper lubrication is essential. If you don’t oil your grill, the fish will stick, and break apart when you try to remove it. Grab a wad of paper towels, or a rolled up kitchen towel in a pair of tongs. Dip the paper towels or kitchen towel into some vegetable oil, and rub the oil onto the grill. You can also spray the grill with cooking spray, just be sure the grill is off when you do this, or the spray could ignite, injuring you.


2) Use fresh fish if possible, since it is easier to work with than frozen fish. Each serving should be about 6-8 ounces for fillets or steaks, and 8-12 ounces for whole fish.

3) You can place fish directly on the grill, but if you do this, you should use a firm fleshed fish, like grouper, tuna, swordfish, or salmon. You can also buy grill baskets made for grilling seafood. These will help small pieces of fish from falling through the grill, and will help in grilling delicate fillets.

4) Cook the fish over medium-hot to hot heat. If your grill doesn’t have a thermometer, then hold your hand about 5 inches above the heat. If you can hold your hand there for 2 seconds, the temperature is hot. If you can hold your hand 5 inches from the heat for 3-4 seconds, it is medium hot. If you’re cooking whole fish, you’ll need to have the temperature a bit lower, so the fish won’t burm You should plan on cooking the fish for about 10 minutes for every inch of thickness. The fish is done cooking when it is opaque, and begins to flake. It is better to undercook the fish a bit than overcooking it. You can always cook it some more if it is undercooked, but you can’t uncook it if it is overcooked.

5) Marinades are a good way to add flavor and moisture to the fish before cooking. You only need to marinate fish for 30-60 minutes. If you marinate the fish for too long, the acids in the marinade will start to cook and break down the flesh. Lean fish should also be basted during cooking to keep the fish from drying out. Fattier fish, like tuna and salmon don’t need basting, but you can baste them to add more flavor.

6) Shrimp, Scallops, and chunks of firm fleshed fish work well on skewers. Alternate chunks of seafood with chunks of vegetables on a skewer for great seafood kebobs. If you’re using wooden skewers, be sure to soak them for 30 minutes before grilling to prevent them from burning on the grill. It isn’t hard to grill fish, but it does take some practice. Follow these tips for grilling seafood, and expand your grilling expertise. It’s a great break from hamburgers, hot dogs, and steaks.

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How to Grill a Steak on a Gas BBQ – The Easy Way Sat, 23 Apr 2016 14:40:07 +0000

Most of us love spending time with family, friends, lovers and colleagues. When we think about vacation, holidays or any other form of quality time, steaks come in handy. Well, as I write this I am getting munchies as I reminiscence the rich taste of steaks but asides that ever wondered how to grill steaks on gas BBQ due to advancements in technology, I know most gas grills have a metal smoker box that sits on a burner. Damp wood chips are added and one can easily control how they smoke their steaks using the knob. The knob allows one to adjust either by burning higher or burning lower. Unluckily, some of possess gas grills that lack a dedicated smoker box. If this is the case, fret not, you can buy or borrow depending on how loud your pocket is a steel smoker box that will sit on top of your cooking grate.

Now that you are aware about gas grills, I will take you right straight to the recipe. First it is worth noting that leaving a gas grill unattended could have detrimental effects. To prevent fire risk or accidents, you should prepare your supplies on time; the utensils, meat and seasoning. Having the supplies ready also reduces the hassle of running back and forth fetching them. Once you have them ready, you can now turn your grill on high and get the lid closed. Allow a 20-30 minutes heating period. Whilst heating, get the steaks out and allow warming up to room temperature so that the steaks will cook better. According to research and tests, steaks cook evenly when the meat’s internal temperature is even to begin with.

Now season the steaks; using a paper towel, pat them dry and then brush on each side of the steak a little olive oil and sprinkle with pepper and salt. Ensure your grates are oiled and clean before putting them on steaks. Use tongs to rub fat that is trimmed from your steaks onto the cooking grates.

Lay the steaks away from direct flames. This is because flames will be jumping up and burning the steak as the fat drips. Now let the steak cook for 2 to 3 minutes and rotate the steak through 45 degrees. Let it cook also 2 to 3 minutes. This gives your steak sear marks of diamond-shape. Do the same for the other side of the steak. Let the steak rest for some minutes, approximately 5 and then serve.

Remember always to use tongs to turn the steak and do not poke or stab steak using forks or knives while it is cooking. This will preserve the natural juices of the meat. Also do not turn the steaks often because they will cook slowly, Turning meat constantly cools off the grill hence maintenance of steady cooking temperature will be difficult.

There you have it good citizens, you can now enjoy your steaks with your family, colleagues, lover or even neighbors. Your steak hassles are over. For beginners, I hopefully wish you have learnt how to grill steak on Gas BBQ.

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Find Out The Way To Cook Wheat Berries Wed, 20 Apr 2016 14:28:28 +0000

Wheat berries are highly nutritious whole grains rich in sodium, proteins, vitamins and fiber. When cooked, they have a chewy texture and a nutty taste besides the nutritional value they poses. After preparation, wheat berries can be stored in a refrigerator and served throughout the week or even month. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to cook wheat berries. Wheat-Berries

1. Ingredients

Two cups of wheat berries

Seven cups of cold water

Olive oil (this is optional)

2. Preparation for cooking

Take time to sort the wheat berries carefully while removing any unwanted particles from the berries.

Wash the grains in cool running water.

To increase their nutty flavor, it is important to toast the berries for a while before cooking. However, it is not compulsory to toast.

How to toast the wheat berries

Spread the sorted berries on a baking tray

Preheat the oven at 375F and insert the baking tray with the berries

Toast them at this temperature for about 10 minutes until they turn a little brown

3. Cooking

Regardless of whether you toasted the grains or not, the cooking procedure is always the same as described below

Put the prepared wheat berries in a heavy sauce pan

Add the 7cups of water into the saucepan containing the grains

Add a considerable amount of salt to the water

Bring the saucepan to boil over a high heat and reduce the heat after some few minutes

Cover the saucepan with the contents and let it simmer for some time

After 30 minutes, start checking for doneness by tasting if the wheat berries have become crunchy

Keep checking until you are sure the grains are cooked

Using a strainer, drain the water and transfer the cooked grains into a bowl

4. Serving

If you want to serve the food immediately, perhaps you could make it tastier by splashing olive oil over the warm cooked wheat berries. Some people also prefer to serve the meal with vinegar, garlic or lemon.

Wheat berries can be served as breakfast cereal topped with fruit and cream. They can also be served with soups and dishes like Parmesan cheese. Wheat berries can also be used as snacks or even be used to make nutritious wheat pudding and desserts. A good example is the cold ambrosia dessert made from a mixture of pineapple, wheat berries, cool whip, and cream cheese. With a little experimentation, you can create your own nutritious recipe out of these grains.

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Four steps About How to Cook Beets Guideline to Perfect Beets Sun, 17 Apr 2016 14:21:46 +0000

Every vegetable comes with its own benefits and taste and so does Beet. The gorgeous red/magenta vegetable is a complete nutritional package. Beets are known for a wide range benefits because they are rich in minerals, vitamins, and organic compounds such as betaine, dietary fiber, copper, iron, phosphorus and magnesium. They have no cholesterol and are low in calories.

This vegetable not only looks fresh and vibrant but also tastes delicious. You just have to know the right way to cook beets and that’s it! You can enjoy this highly beneficial and delicious vegetable at home almost every day.

We are going to give you step by step instructions from buying to cooking beets. The whole process of cooking this vegetable is so fun that it will become your favorite vegetable in no time. So lets begin our journey towards cooked beets!Cook Beets

Step One: Buying beets from the store
There are usually two types of beets available in the stores. The ones with the greens on and the ones whose greens are already trimmed. It depends entirely on you which one to buy. If you like to eat greens, buy the ones with greens om If you don’t, buy the ones with no greens. Just make sure to avoid soft or slimy beets. You are looking for round, firm dark red beets which are most commonly available. Avoid the ones with dark spots.

Step Two: Cleaning and Preparing Beets
Beets act as a dye so it’s better to wear gloves before washing them so that you won’t get their color on your hands. If you are using beets with the greens on, its better to chop the green part off and soak it in water with 1/4 cup of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar so that you can use it later in salad. Scrub the beetswith water and a vegetable brush until they look clean. You can keep the skin on or peal it off according to your choice.

Step Three: Cooking
You can cook beets in almost every way. Here are a few ways for you to try.

1 Roasted Beets: All you have to do is cut the beets into four halves or dice them according to your preference. Drizzle some olive oil and add salt and pepper. Mix well and spread on a baking tray. Put the tray in a pre-heated oven at 400 degree F for 40-60 minutes.

2. Sautéed Beets: Heat olive oil in a skillet, add shallot and cook for 2-3 minutes, then add roasted beets and spice up with salt and rosemary. Stir for 2-3 minutes and serve. You can add chopped greens of beets too.

3. Steamed Beets: Put beets in a saucepan with water and salt and 2 tsp of vinegar. Let the beets boil for almost 40-60 minutes depending on the size of beets until tender. Drain and rinse with cold water. The skin of the beets will slip off so peel it wearing gloves. Serve them with melted butter, salt, pepper, chopped chives or basil.

Step Four: Bon Appetit
Get creative, use your imagination and cook your version of beets. Enjoy!

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4 Tips To Cook a Delicious Steak on the Stove Fri, 15 Apr 2016 14:08:39 +0000

The steak is almost everyone’s meal whether it’s being accompanied by a salad, pasta or fries. However, how many of us can attest to cooking a perfect steak? Most people either end up overcooking or undercooking the meat and failing to achieve the desired medium rare result. The following steps will reveal how to cook a delicious steak at home.

1. Tools and ingredients
First things first, having the right tools and ingredients determine the level of perfection you will achieve when you cook a delicious steak. It is important to take note of the kind of cut of meat you wish to use in accordance with the process. The sirloin, filet mignon, NY strip and such high-class cuts are ideal for medium rare cooking while the round and skirt cuts require marination first. Next up, ensure your skillet of choice is of high quality meaning it’s not too light. It is preferable to use a cast-iron skillet or a heavy duty pam Finally, you must have a meat thermometer in hand in order to cook the steak to the required temperature. Other necessities include herbs of choice such as rosemary, black pepper and thyme, cooking oil, tongs for turning the meat, and butter or ghee.

2. Preparation
If you have time on your hands, salt your steak overnight and cook it the next day. If you are short on time, season your steak with kosher salt or sea salt an hour before you cook. These two types of salt give the steak the deep seasoning that it requires. After the salt, add your herbs of choice. Heat your skillet at maximum heat to the point where some smoke emanates from its surface, then add some cooking oil. Set the time on your watch or phone to eight minutes which entails 3 full minutes of cooking for each side and two minutes for flipping.

3. Method of cookingdelicious Steak
After adding the cooking oil, let it heat up for about 10 to 30 seconds. When this time elapses, add your steak into the skillet. Immediately, you will hear a sizzling sound which arises from the moisture evaporating from the steak. At this point, you should be careful of the hot cooking oil which may at times spring from the skillet and onto your hand. Let the steak cook for about 3 minutes on one side before flipping it. You will notice that the meat has started to brown at this point. Turn the steak on either side every 10 to 20 seconds to give it an even cook throughout its surface. Before the steak is completely done, which is about 30 seconds prior to completion, add a tablespoon of butter to the top of steak and smear it to add a rich flavor and help it brown a bit more. Use the meat thermometer to test the internal heat of the steak which should be about 125 Fahrenheit for a medium rare cook.

4. Serving
Remove the steak from the skillet and allow it to rest for at least 5 minutes. Resting the steak allows it to preserve its natural juices and to finish cooking. After this, the steak is ready to be cut and served together with your favorite accompaniment. Enjoy.

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Using A Crock Pot To Cook Frozen Chicken Tue, 12 Apr 2016 14:06:48 +0000

Chicken is one of the most economical pieces of meat to cook and if you have a lot of frozen chicken, you’re wondering how to take the boredom out of cooking it, especially if you fixed it all kinds of ways in the past few weeks. If you have a crock pot and low on time, prepare some chicken dishes that you can freeze and reheat at a later time. If you have a whole chicken, you can place it in the crock pot along with herbs and spices, chopped onions, garlic cloves, carrots and zucchini to make chicken soup for the cold months. Another idea is to place cubed frozen chicken pieces in the crock pot to create chicken chili. Just add some cannellini beans, tomatoes, green onions and peas.

Chicken in A Crock Pot
You are probably wondering how long you should cook your frozen chicken. If it’s a whole chicken you should cook it on low heat for about ten hours as this allows the chicken to thaw and cook properly without having to deal with undercooked chicken. You want the temperature to be set at 160 degrees for safe cooking in the crock pot. However, if you set the temperature high, you can set it at 200 for the best cooking.

So how you can boost the flavors of your crock pot chicken recipes? You can get inspiration from cookbooks and websites that are tailored to crock pot cooking. Another idea is to add international flair to the chicken. For example, if you love Mexican food you can add some jalapeno peppers, red chiles, black beans and tomatoes. and tortilla pieces. Or if you enjoy Asian cuisine you can add duck sauce, soy sauce, green peppers, shallots, garlic and snap peas to create sweet-and-sour chicken. This keeps you from eating the same chicken recipes repeatedly.

Your frozen chicken crock pot recipes don’t always have to include a ton of ingredients. There are numerous recipes that contain one to five ingredients. For example, crock pot orange chicken can be made with orange marmalade, spices, chicken broth and onions. To make garlic lemon chicken you’ll need garlic cloves, lemons, black pepper, salt and onion powder. To make Cajun-style chicken you can combine Tabasco hot sauce, cayenne pepper, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes and chicken broth.

In conclusion, the crock pot saves time and money. When you make crock pot meals you can freeze them and by doing this you spend less money at the store each week. Crock pot cooking gives you more time to spend with your family and it’s especially helpful on days when you work long hours and cannot prepare a quick meal. The dish will cook for hours while you’re away and when you come home, you can eat right away. Get input from the family regarding the meals and don’t be afraid to switch up the flavors. You can even remix old family favorites with the crock pot. Examples of these dishes include gumbo, chicken cacciatore, smothered chicken and barbecued chicken. Most importantly, enjoy the meals as a family as often as possible.

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How To Grill Buffalo Wings For Your Family Thu, 24 Mar 2016 22:50:25 +0000

Buffalo wings are one of the most delicious meals you can eat, but let’s be honest, you can’t compare the wings you buy in any restaurant with your own buffalo wings made at grill, they’re crunchy, juicy, more healthier and even can be a reason to gather with the friends or family and enjoy, if you are wondering how hard can it be, it really easy you just need the right ingredients, now make sure to follow the next recipe and we can guarantee you are never going to like any other wing, if your curious or brave enough lets begin.

As said were going to make Buffalo wings, but in case you don’t like this sauce, you can easily cook them only with salt and pepper and not with the Buffalo sauce, in any case here’s the recipe of the Buffalo sauce that we recommend you to use.

Elaboration of the Buffalo Sauce (1/2 Cup Approximately) Ingredients;
1/3 cup of apple vinegar
1 table spoon of powder chili
1/4 tea spoon of spicy paprika
A tea spoon of sweet paprika
1 table spoon on powder garlic
A tea spoon of Cholula Sauce
1 table spoon of corn flour


Put all the ingredients (except de corn flour) in a pot, start mixing them and add the corn flour slowly until all the ingredients are fully mixed without any lump, then put the pot in the kitchen at medium fire and cook it until it start to boil and the sauce gets consistency, but don’t stop mixing.

Then take it away and serve it in any glass container you have.

Tip: You can save it in the fridge for a week and before use it is recommended to shake it a little.

Recipe for Buffalo Wings at Grill (2 to 4 Portions Approximately) Ingredients:
12 wings
a cup of buffalo sauce
1 or 2 Carrots
Blue Cheese or Ranch Dressing

Elaboration Cut the wings with a sharp knife and take away the grease. Clean the wings with water and dry them with paper. Put them in a bowl or a big plate and pour them with the sauce you previously made, now mix it all so the wings are fully covered with the sauce.

Let the wings marinate for at least 30 minutes in the fridge. While you wait, turn on the grill and grease it.

Grab the carrots and celery and cut them as you want, we recommend in strips.

When the time passes (30 minutes) and the grill has a good temperature put the wings on the grill and let them cook for 6 or 7 minutes for one side and then for the other, be careful and don’t let the wings burn.

Tip: If the juice of the wings is red or pink you have to let them a little bit more in the grill.

Serve the wings with the blue cheese, ranch or with more buffalo sauce and don’t forget the celery and carrots.

Tips: Add more sauce to taste or chili for an extra spicy flavor.

Final Tip: As we said, if you don’t like the Buffalo sauce use the same steps to grill the chicken wings you want.

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