Masterbuilt 2-Door Propane Smoker Review

Are you a master of the grill? Do you like all your meats smoked? Then you deserve one of the best smokers you can find on the internet. I would suggest that you look into the Masterbuilt 20051311 GS30D 2-Door Propane Smoker as seen on, It comes in three different sizes ? thirty inches, forty inches, and forty-four inches.They all come in black and have relatively similar features. Each of them has chrome smoking racks and stainless steel burners. For an easy start, just push the button to ignite them. The thirty and forty inch models have built in temperature gauges, and all three of them have porcelain-coated wood chip trays and water pans.

The thirty inch and forty inch models have four racks with a cooking space of 717 square inches and 1,307 square inches. The porcelain and stainless steel finish make it easy to clean and maintain. The temperature gauge takes out the guesswork of cooking your food, and the water pan helps with a quick cooling down period. The push button ignition is easy to use unless it gets stuck then that may be an issue. The forty inch model lets you control the gas valve and comes equipped with a spark igniter. These models are both around 180 dollars. So, considering their size and weight that is a very fair price.2-Door Propane Smoker review

These appliances can give you food with a full flavor, with the help of the locking mechanism on the door. Using these may be even easier than grilling, and it provides you with much more space than a barbecue. The electronic ignition is useful, but as I said it may get stuck and become unreliable. Luckily, you can purchase protection for these smokers. The wood chip trays and water pans are removable which makes the mess of juicy, smoked food even easier to clean up. The easy to read gauge lets you know the temperature inside the smoker, so you’ll know the perfect time to add and remove food.

Another benefit of these machines is the cooled wire handles on the door. So get rid of those oven mitts because you have no need for them at this point! Or any point when using the smokers, since their cooling system is very effective. The locked doors and inner lining make the ability of the smoker to keep in the smoky flavors superb. You can control the amount of flavor using the air damper. The smokiness can be as much or as little as you want. There’s no limit to what kind of meats you can cook. Everything from pork chicken, beef, or seafood, the smokers will cook them all to perfection. Can’t you just smell that aroma? Doesn’t it smell like a summer, backyard party?

Even though these machines are large, they are meant to stand in a vertical position. It’s not completely inconvenient to store in your backyard or on your porch. The forty-four-inch model is similar to the others ith four racks but contains much more space at 2,000 square inches. It has two doors on it with a window and thermostat to better keep track of when your food is ready. There’s plenty of room for you to cook as much food as you’d like (to a degree). Again, it has the same qualities as the other two like stainless steel porcelain, push button ignition, and water pans. All these features are useful for an efficient machine. This model is much more expensive at around 330 dollars. These smokers sure bring the heat! Everything about this model is easy to use, like the thermostat, and removable pans for easy cleaning.

These machines are very large and fairly expensive. Like any machine, they have their faults. You can never guarantee, one hundred percent, the reliability of any technology. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t purchase them. They are high-quality devices with massive amounts of room. They have the capabilities to lock in as much flavor as they possibly can. It may take some time to clean up this machine, but isn’t it worth it? Don’t you want to smoke your meats on a hot summer day with the best quality smoker you can find? I’m sure you will be able to enjoy your day even more knowing the kind of meal you will get at the end of the day.