Masterbuilt Black Electric Digital Smoker Review

If you like to barbecue every so often, and usually have friends over, the Masterbuilt 20070213 is the electric smoker for you. This unit is designed to produce the perfectly smoked meats as well as other foods by making use of innovative solutions to some of the problems experienced by conventional charcoal smokers.

This electric smoker offers a large space for smoking large food quantities but still being compact enough to fit inside the home. It has been exquisitely built from premium materials guaranteed to last for years and producing top quality flavor every time.Electric Digital Smoker

This model is electric and front controlled to maximize on efficiency, anyone from a seasoned smoker to a first time user can make use of the Masterbuilt.It’s also electric which means most of its functions can be controlled from a center point, also to make your job easier. There’s so much more that makes this smoker ideal, as you can see from the features below:


1. This smoker consists of 4 racks, each coated by a chrome layer to protect against corrosion and make cleaning easier. These racks add up to provide 730 sq. inches of cooking space, plenty for large events and meals.

2. Control the temperature from 100 – 275 degrees Fahrenheit with the help of a thermostat which regulates according to your specification.

3. The inside is completely sealed with foam to prevent the heat from escaping. This ensures the heat remains within the chamber and produces a consistent smoke.

4. Has an efficient wood chip loading system so you get to control exactly how much of a smoky flavor you want on your food.

5. With the new and improved drip deflector, your food remains dry from the juices. You can still access the juice if you want thanks to drip pan accessible from the front.

6. Information on temperature and cooking time can be viewed even in direct sunlight because the display panel uses a blue LED system.


1. Ideal for large families and backyard events, guaranteed to make the neighbors jealous and your friends very happy. With 730 sq. inches of space, you can smoke pork shoulders, chicken and ribs, enough for a small crowd.

2. Front access is much more efficient and allows you to arrange all your items the way you want.

3. Barbecue times are much shorter thanks to the 800-watt heating system; with this in place, there’s no need to leave it on overnight, instead only a few hours will be enough.

4. Cleaning the Masterbuilt is quick and easy because of the chrome plating; plus, it’s durable and more resistant to corrosion even in high temperatures.

5. The build of this electric smoker is also premium quality and guaranteed to last a few years, perhaps even more depending on how much you use it.

6. With the help of the thermostat, you can set the temperature you want and step away without having to check on the progress every time as you would a charcoal smoker.

1. Although pretty compact, some people may still find it a bit lanky or huge. It rises up 30 inches, and perhaps even more if you add a leg extension kit.

2. The unit comes with an instruction manual for assembly, but even so, the instructions are quite complicated and newbies may find them difficult to understand.

3. To make it compact, they increased space for food but neglected the rest. The wood chip tray is a bit shallow and can’t hold too much wood, but the drip tray is also large and takes some effort to slide in and out.

4. You may also need to purchase leg extension kits because the Masterbuild sits pretty low on the ground It’s fine the way it is if you don’t mind bending every time, although the leg extensions make handling it much easier.

5. This model does not ship with a cover, which you would have to purchase separately. A cover would have been nice, though, to help lengthen the life of the unit.


Everyone’s hope during a barbecue is for some great tasting meat and the host would prefer not to be overwhelmed by the job. Luckily, with the Masterbuilt 20070213, everyone’s happy. This electric smoker is the perfect companion for anyone wishing to make some nicely smoked meat and avoid some of the common mishaps.

While it is very well equipped to handle even the most tasking jobs, it still remains reasonably priced and
affordable to anyone. Apart from that, you also get free shipping with your order!

Now, if that’s not all you need to hear before placing your order I don’t know what will.