Masterbuilt Black Electric Digital Smoker Review

I have always loved outdoor cooking but the sheer thought of the hassles and cost I would have to go through, would always put me off. You would have to see the joy in my face when I discovered I could actually get one of the best electric smoker under 200.

Having had numerous complaints from friends as regard smokers, I decided to give it a try. One thing I can say about this smoker compared to other ones, is its unique design, being a design freak, I must confess, I found it quite easy on the eye.

My birthday was around the corner and I thought it was a good time to put my new sleek smoker to the test. The instructional guide was well spelt out, so I had no problem setting it up for the first time, except for sally, my dog that tore the guide into shreds, while I wasn’t looking.Black Electric Digital Smoker


The smoker is built with steel, its black color gives it an air of exclusivity and with a weight of about 45.7 pounds you can rest assured of its durability. When I checked the size, 20x17x33_5 inches, I discovered it was a perfect fit. It comes with a thermostat, for someone like me who is very picky about specific cooking temperature; I find it just perfect for me. With 730 sq. inches cooking space, four chrome-coated racks and a 800 watts heating elements, the smoker is definitely one of the best electric smoker under 200. No other smoker I know gives one a cooking range temperature of 100-275 degree Fahrenheit, making it an ideal investment for me. It also has a set of digital control panel which shows it was built with the latest technology. The walls are well insulated to reduce heat loss during smoking. It comes with a drip pan for collecting dripping together with a side loading for coal chips.


The smoker is well built with the user in mind, so all requirements necessary for making it an enjoyable experience has been incorporated.

One thing I like about the smoker is its large space. I found this quite useful when I used it to prepare chicken laps during my birthday. Not only did it save me time, I helped me stay organized as I didn’t need to do much repetitive task.

With this electric smoker you can be confident that your ham will come out the way you expected it without fear of been overcooked.

When using other smokers, I found it difficult, trying to achieve a desired flavor, but with my electric smoker I can adjust the air damper to get my desired flavor.

This is one of the best things about the smoker. The smoker was built with the user in mind. With a removable drip tray, it’s quite easy to clean the smoker.

If you have ever used a traditional smoker, you would realize that, constant opening of the door to load more charcoal chips tend to reduce the heat, which in turn affects the final product. But with the smoker I can load my charcoal without opening it.

So many manufacturers produce good products but have very poor customer support. The manufacturer of the smoker does not just produce a high quality smoker; its customer support is excellent making it one of the best electric smoker under 200.


I often times had to wait for the smoke to cool down before I could clean it. Most times, I forgot to clean it due to the long cooling time. When next I want to use it, I had to wait some time trying to clean the drippings. The smoker can be very heavy to move about and it does not even have a handle to make it easier to handle. I often time had to call for assistance from my friends whenever I had to move it to another location The metal parts of the smoker fits very tightly together giving out very loud noise whenever it is been pulled out.

If you’ve never tried this smoker before or you have been using traditional ones, then you should give this smoker a try. I have tried it on a combination of food such as ham, sausages, yam and I got the same quality output throughout. I have noticed a subtle difference in taste between traditional smokers and the present one; I guess the extra layer of insulation has something to do with this. To get the best result, I’ll suggest you use a mild temperature that is slow and gentle. My birthday did go as planned, as more people arrived, I had to smoke some more chicken than planned, my smoker did live up to its billing as one of the best electric smoker under 200, it never disappointed me.