Review Of American Gourmet 800 Series Charcoal Grill

When it comes to early preparations for dinner or that party that would primarily contain roasting or smoking as part of the cooking procedure, you will definitely need to find the best means of making sure you would come up with the best positive results for your meal or sear. The Char-Broil American gourmet 800 series charcoal smoker is a charcoal grill that offers a total of eight hundred and fifty square inch worth of cooking space. With five hundred and fifty square inch cast iron accompanied with a movable chrome-plated rack that can be used in the preparation of all the slow cooking foods. It has multiple dampers, a temperature gauge and an adjustable fire grate. With a long foldable shelf at the front of the smoker could allow you move or stand even much closer to the grill when making your meal by folding it whenever it is not in use.800 Series Charcoal Grill


You can closely keep track of the temperature you use when grilling or smoking your food because it has a temperature gauge is mounted directly on to the hood of the is almost very easy to prepare or cook anything because you have a great deal of space at the sides with a full length shelf at the front side that you can use to store your ingredients and tools during cooking making it a fun experience.

Complete command over your roasting meat or meal can be achieved by the adjustable height of the steel fire grate which are easy to control, in addition to the multiple dampers.Cleaning has never been made easy in any of the previous make of this charcoal smoker. A removable ash pan is available so that you can easily remove and dispose of the ash making it very easy to clean. The grates can as well come out easily so that you can wash off any dirtA specially designed lid handle with a cool touch is aimed at helping you get a firm grip of the lid without getting burnt therefore you can be able to comfortably keep track of how your cooking is fearing on.


The most exciting thing about the Char-Broil American gourmet 800 series charcoal smoker is that it is easy to install and assemble because of the manual that accompanies it during purchase.

Cooking is very easy because this charcoal smoker provides a very large cooking space that can accommodate nearly all your cooking together with all the ingredients you would use.

You do not have to move from one point to the other in the name of transporting or moving your tools and ingredients from one table to the other because it has a side and front shelf big enough to accommodate all your tools and ingredients therefore reduces the moving around from one point to the other.

With a hinge holding the lid on to the grill, it does not involve looking for a secure space to store the lid in order to prevent accidents all over the house. With the hinge in place, you can comfortably shut the lid and stay without any worries at all.

The Char-Broil American gourmet 800 series charcoal smoker is sturdy and firm to the ground therefore you can smoke or roast your meal when completely at peace that it would all over.


The main disadvantage about this product is that the temperature gauge mounted on it does not actually indicate the temperature in degrees therefore it is quite difficult to estimate the exact temperature you are operating with at a particular given moment.


Il in all, the Char-Broil American gourmet 800 series charcoal smoker is an amazing product that is used by individuals from all around the world with more than ninety five percent of the users recording a positive feedback with regards to the product. It is therefore recommended that you put this product into consideration whenever you are looking for a charcoal smoker for whichever need or use you want or wish You surely won’t be disappointed by the amazing functions and features available. You can get this product from amazon or any other online shopping centers that are certified to distribute this amazing product released into the market