Smoke Hollow LPG Smoker Review

Are you looking for a smoker with a great simplicity and good flavor and at a moderate price, and then consider the Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG smoker, 30 inch. This smoker works efficiently compared to an electric smoker even though they come at a lower price. The smoker produces clean heat, and this is the reason why they are popularly used in barbecue restaurants. The smoke from this gas smoker comes in different flavors such as in chunks, pellets as well as wood chips. This gas smoker is perfect for serving a family of two or four people. For beginners, this is the perfect smoker for enjoying slow and low smoker cooking. It has an adjustable stainless steel burner and a temperature indicator which makes it possible to get the heat in the right way during a smoke-flavored cooking. The gas smokers can be used to prepare favorite meals such as pork, meat, fish or poultry.

Feature of the productLPG Smoker Review

The smoker hollow 30164G LPG gas smoker has a variety of features that enables it to provide efficient services. Its cooking capacity is 1 7 cubic feet, which is the right size for a small family. Furthermore, this 30 inch outdoor leisure gas smoker contains 3 cooking grids which are chrome-plated and they have multiple adjustment levels. The burner of the smoker is made of stainless steel which comes with a push button ignition. The tube burner provides about 10,000 BTUs of constant heat, which is adequate to smoke fish and meat. In addition, door handle is made of a cool touch spring wire which has a new ?Clsure lock’ latch system. The cabinet is fully welded with one-piece steel which guarantees consistent temperatures. It is also included ith both porcelain coated water pan and drip pan which helps to resist rust and guarantee durability, together with a powder-coated wood chip pan. In addition, this gas smoker has a commercial quality temperature gauge to measure the intensity of heat while smoke cooking.

Pros and cons of the product


The smoker hollow is the solution to anyone who wants s to set up a higher capacity smoker with a modest budget. This gas smoker has a big smoking chamber with a large cubic space for up to five racks. It also has plenty of space that allows one to put full racks of meat and ribs to smoke. The huge capacity of the smoker has an added advantage such that it makes it possible to just fill once while cooking, one does not require filling continuously which is often tiresome. The smoker has a height of about five feet tall, with a horizontal size of 14 inch by 20 inch that provides adequate room to hold large amount of foods such as the meat and ribs.

Another advantage is the makeup of the smoker burners. The tube burner gives it a wide range of temperatures that are easy to adjust and produce quality heat. The product of the smoke will therefore be great.

Furthermore the doors of the gas smoker fit well and tightly to hold the components well and provide a good avenue to heat the foods.

The gas smokers offer great help in the kitchen in cooking food perfectly, and also heating up incredibly fast way better than other smokers. It is also easy to assemble it and cook in no time whenever in a hurry. The smoker also comes with a one year warranty on its parts, with 90 days warranty on paint and 90 days warranty on water pans.


The only limitation of this gas smoker is in its construction, the core components at the bottom of the smoker are of low quality, together with the burner are made of low quality, which sometimes leads to the stuff dripping. The parts are also prone to rusting and corrosion.


The smoker gas cookers are generally the best choice for those people who do not want to spend much but still wants to prepare great food. They are not expensive, one can easily use them and they have the ability to produce really good food. In addition, the smokers have less fuss compared to the charcoal smokers and they prepare food with a better taste and flavor compared to the electric cookers. If you have been getting mixed results with other smokers regarding the quality of food and the time of preparing, then go for the Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker. They work beautifully, consistently and one does not have to put the constant and vigilant attention to see if they are working.