You Can Smoke A Turkey Yourself After Reading The Article

Smoking a turkey is not rocket science. Perhaps most of us are used to smoke pork, beef and fish, but turkey? Yes you can smoke a turkey right at your own backyard. In fact, once you discover how easy it is and you take your first bite of that smoked bird, you’ll want to make it a tradition every holiday season! Follow these simple steps and in a few minutes you can be ready to smoke that delicious, mouth-watering turkey you have been dreaming about.


1. Choose a fresh turkey rather than those frozen ones, if your turkey is frozen, let it thaw. The safest way is to let it thaw in the refrigerator, which can take up to several days for a 12-14 pound turkey. To speed up the process, you can submerge it in cold tap water; you can thaw your turkey this way in eight hours or less. However, we recommend wrapping it securely to keep any water from leaking through the wrapping. Also change the water every 30 minutes or so. Next, you’ll remove the wrappings and take out the giblet bags. Cut off any loose skin or meat around the edges. Then rinse the turkey thoroughly.

2. First of all, you’ll want to choose a turkey that’s about 12-14 pounds. We don’t recommend going over this size, because it’s just asking for trouble. When it’s too large, it’s much harder to smoke and it stays in the danger zone longer than we recommend. So make it easy on yourself and stay under 14 pounds.

3. Make sure to clean the turkey inside and out. Remove all the inner parts, neck, and giblet. See to it that there are no feathers left on the skim Scrub it with rock salt to remove other dirt and fats then rinse with cold running water.

4. Using a sauce pan, put water about one quart then add equal parts of salt and honey. Bring to medium heat and stir until the salt has totally dissolved. Put the mixture to a deep container, preferably big pots, and add cold water about six quarts. Also add thyme, vegetable stock, and whole peppercorns then stir. Add the cleaned turkey into the pot. Make sure it is completely submerged.

5. Place the pot inside your refrigerator and let the turkey brine for about 10 – 15 hours.

6. After 15 hours, remove the turkey from the brine and pat dry. If you want a crispier skin, then let it dry inside the refrigerator overnight.


1. Brush it with oil and let it stand until it reaches room temperature.

2. If you want, you can stuff it with vegetable or anything that you want but do not over stuff it.

3. Make sure to use quality charcoal. You will need about ten pounds to smoke a turkey.

4. Place the turkey inside the smoker breast side first then turn after an hour.

5. Maintain 300 degrees heat and refrain from opening the cover of your griller/smoker.

6. Since we are smoking a small one, cooking will be a lot faster. When the skin turns golden brown, most likely it is already done. You can also use a thermometer (probe) to monitor the turkey’s temperature.

This is the simplest way to smoke a turkey. Now, you and your family can enjoy your very own home made smoked turkey. You can eat it with vegetables, bread, or rice or you can make your own deli smoked turkey sandwich. Healthy and delicious!