The Review Of Dyna-Glo Double Door Vertical Smoker

Just a few days back I got a chance to use the Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP, double door vertical smoker. To be honest, I was more than impressed with the results. To all you smoked food lovers out there, this is a boon. It is going to pamper your taste buds for as long as it stays with you. Going by the design and build quality of the product it is going to stay with you for long. For a home smoker, it has a lot of options. Good smokers have the ability to balance cooking with smoking. This keeps the meat moist and tender while the smoky flavor gets under the fibre_ When you take that long awaited first bite, you must feel the juices gushing out, and the nice aroma of burnt wood. Powerful burners are required in smokers to fight out any weather. Since these are essentially garden equipment, therefore they need to withstand all weather conditions, and a powerful burner would mean achieving high temperatures easily during the winters. Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP, double door vertical smoker has checked all these boxes. The company with its’ legacy of powerful and durable products brings in a lot of experience and thought in this product.Double Door Vertical Smoker Review

With a moderate sized 784 square inch of cooking space, the smoker has 2 doors. It measures 27 inches by 1920 inches by 46.46 inches in terms of length, breadth and height respectively. It has a powder quote finish and has the capability to fight any weather condition. It has 4 height adjustable racks made of steel wire. You get a one touch ignition button with a cast iron burner of 15000 btu. These numbers are well above the requirement for home use. You can throw outdoor parties with your family and friends and this smoker is not going to let you down. The steel wood chip box and the steel water bowl that comes with it are both porcelain enameled. On its’ sides and the top there are sliding air dampeners. All these give better flexibility to adjust temperature and perfection for smoking and cooking your dishes. The temperature gauge present is nicely designed with sleek looks. The product comes with a 1 year warranty and is a CSA certified. It weighs 54 pounds and handling is quite easy. With this double door vertical smoker in your garden you can be sure of getting good results in your outdoor cooking sessions.

To start with, the smoker is very easy to assemble. It is almost a no-brainer. The fixing and attaching of parts is very intuitive and it will hardly take an hour to set it up for use. The cooking area is quite spacious. Of course this is not a professional smoker, but for gatherings with family and friends and moderate sized parties, this is more than enough. The 4 racks can cater to 4 different dishes. With the meat and marinade of your choice the cooking and smoking can run in parallel. Since the racks are height adjustable it is easy to accommodate whole dishes. You can cook a whole turkey or chicken without disturbing other racks. The vertical approach in design has its’ advantages. The heat rises from bottom to up and therefore the vertical shape helps in distributing of heat by its’ inherent property. The vertical design clubbed with the top dampeners allow the air to circulate properly. This cooks the food all around lending that very desirable smoky aroma. The porcelain enameling works wonders and does not allow much heat to escape. This has been a relief, since it consumes less energy. It is good for the pocket as well as for the climate. The built in thermometer measures for you the real-time temperature. You can also get to see the ideal temperature for infusing the smoked effect into the food. Overall it guides you through the process of producing a perfectly smoked delectable meat.

With so many points in its favor, it is really hard to identify a weak spot in this double door vertical smoker. I have been very satisfied, and could not have asked for more. From aesthetic point of view, the design could have been more visually appealing. Regarding the racks I did feel that they could have made it stronger. It did smoke a turkey for me, but all the while I felt that it was a tad too much for the rack wires to handle. It is not a professional apparatus. So don’t expect it to have all those minute level of controls. Overall, it’s a great buy considering all the features packed in such affordable price.