The Tips To Cool A Smoker Grill

If you wish to adjust the heat in a smoker grill, one thing you need to know how to do at a moment’s notice is to cool it. By cooling a smoker grill, you allow yourself to regulate the temperature of the grill itself so that you can cook food slowly if you wish.
When you want to barbecue meat so that it is tender and full of flavor, you will need to expose this meat to prolonged smoking. For the best results, you will have to do this over a really long time?around 12 hours or even fore for the thicker cuts of meat. Beef briskets and pork shoulder fall into this latter category.


The temperature of the smoker grill will usually increase the more you add charcoal to it. And, you cannot avoid adding charcoal because it is necessary to do so every few hours to allow proper smoking. If you wish to maintain steady temperature (and you will want to do so), you need to know how to cool a smoker grill.

Below is a simple step-by-step guide about how to cool a smoker grill.
1. Adjust the vents on the bottom part of the smoker grill so as to control the temperature. If you want to cool down the smoker grill, slowly close off the vents at the bottom so as to cut off the supply of air coming in below the fire. You can shut the vents a half inch ever few minutes so that you can gradually lower the smoker grill’s temperature.

2. If you want to take the temperature a notch lower, you can adjust the vents at the top (or chimney). By shutting the chimney as well as the vents at the bottom of the smoker grill, you will prevent the flow of air in the grill and eventually put out the flames (the charcoal) as the fire will suffocate. If you want to regulate the temperature of the smoker grill further after adjusting the vents at the bottom, you can adjust the chimney as well.

3. Now remove the lid from the smoker grill or simply just raise it (if you cannot remove it). By doing this, you allow the heat in the smoker grill to dispel quickly and then you allow the grill to cool quicker. Do not do this unless you have no other choice. It is something you do only when flames occur from burning fat and you need to put out said flames and consequently lower the temperature of the smoker grill. By removing or raising the lid of the smoker grill, however, you add more time to cooking your food. Unless you don’t mind waiting, you should only remove this cover if you have to.

4. Always observe safety when you remove the components of the smoker grill. Always use the handle to remove the grills, and use hot pads to remove the firebox. By doing this, you remove the source of heat from the smoker grill and hence you allow it to cool off quickly.

5. When you remove hot charcoal from the smoker grill, never pour it onto vegetatiom. Always pour it onto bare ground or onto sand so as to avoid starting fires.