Find Out The Way To Cook Wheat Berries

Wheat berries are highly nutritious whole grains rich in sodium, proteins, vitamins and fiber. When cooked, they have a chewy texture and a nutty taste besides the nutritional value they poses. After preparation, wheat berries can be stored in a refrigerator and served throughout the week or even month. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to cook wheat berries.

1. Ingredients

Two cups of wheat berries

Seven cups of cold water

Olive oil (this is optional)

2. Preparation for cooking

Take time to sort the wheat berries carefully while removing any unwanted particles from the berries.

Wash the grains in cool running water.

To increase their nutty flavor, it is important to toast the berries for a while before cooking. However, it is not compulsory to toast.

How to toast the wheat berries

Spread the sorted berries on a baking tray

Preheat the oven at 375F and insert the baking tray with the berries

Toast them at this temperature for about 10 minutes until they turn a little brown

3. Cooking

Regardless of whether you toasted the grains or not, the cooking procedure is always the same as described below

Put the prepared wheat berries in a heavy sauce pan

Add the 7cups of water into the saucepan containing the grains

Add a considerable amount of salt to the water

Bring the saucepan to boil over a high heat and reduce the heat after some few minutes

Cover the saucepan with the contents and let it simmer for some time

After 30 minutes, start checking for doneness by tasting if the wheat berries have become crunchy

Keep checking until you are sure the grains are cooked

Using a strainer, drain the water and transfer the cooked grains into a bowl

4. Serving

If you want to serve the food immediately, perhaps you could make it tastier by splashing olive oil over the warm cooked wheat berries. Some people also prefer to serve the meal with vinegar, garlic or lemon.

Wheat berries can be served as breakfast cereal topped with fruit and cream. They can also be served with soups and dishes like Parmesan cheese. Wheat berries can also be used as snacks or even be used to make nutritious wheat pudding and desserts. A good example is the cold ambrosia dessert made from a mixture of pineapple, wheat berries, cool whip, and cream cheese. With a little experimentation, you can create your own nutritious recipe out of these grains.